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Ford QuickLane

Vehicle repair shop

The service scopes of our  company Mikroflexum Trade Kft  fulfil all requirements for both conventional and modern vehicle repair shops.
  • Diagnostics of electrical systems of vehicles for all trademarks
  • Computer diagnostics of passenger and cargo vehicles
  • Installation of electrical safety and convenience products
  • Comprehensive repair, fill-up and decontamination of vehicular air-condition systems
  • Installation and repair of standing heatings, both water and air-based
  • Installation and repair of standing heatings, both water and air-based
  • Authentication and overall supervision of state in all categories of vehicles
  • Quick service according to factory specifications. Seasonal (winter, summer) supervisions for all trademarks
  • Preparing vehicles for MOT certification with all paper work included
Our site is located in Mosonmagyaróvár, near M1 National Motorway, not far from Hungarian-Austrian border, in Győr-Moson-Sopron county.  We kindly ask our customers to ask for an appointment in advance. In exceptional cases it is also possible to do repairs after official opening hours.

While you leave your car at our site, we make out a repair registration form that records each phase of repair work.
Our experts do their best to identify the source of defect by applying modern equipment and then we try to inform our customers about the likely consequences of our findings:
  • What needs to be repaired?
  • What parts and sources can be used for the car to be repaired?
  • What cost will that finally incur?
Although all the producers do their best to provide our customers spare parts of the highest quality, there might also occur unexpected defects sometimes. Our colleagues do their best to sort out the defects within as short deadline as possible. After repair is finished, our colleagues will get all paper work ready. The cost of work or product can be paid by cash or bank card in our customers' lounge. Transfer invoice can be made out upon preliminary request.

Dear Customer,
Would you like to return quickly after you leave your car at our site? We will help you upon request. Please indicate your wish at our registration desk. Our offer is valid within the borders of Hungary. Beyond Hungarian borders our services have special prices and are to be individually negotiated
Taxi szolgáltatás

Car rescue
In case your vehicle is not capable of going into traffic for some technological reason, we offer you to transport it with a trailer to our repair shop site. In case you need our service, it is our pleasure to be at your disposal.
Please ask our colleagues for further information