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Welcome to the website of Mikroflexum!

Mikroflexum Mosonmagyaróvár
Our company called Mikro Flexum Trade Kft. was set up to maintain and repair electrical systems being more and more vital in vehicles, as well as  design and implement electrical systems for special constructions.
Responding to the ever-growing demands, our activities also include installing electronical convenience as well as safety appliances as extras.
 In the course of technological work we endeavor to provide our customers comprehensive solutions. Besides electrical systems, our main profile is to repair, fill up and decontaminate the whole caloric range of vehicular air condition systems.
Maintanance and repair is not possible without supply of suitable parts.
  • Due to our reliable commercial background, our company can provide their partners with all range of parts and products of high quality, the majority of which are also available in our stock in our commercial store located at our site.
  • Although all the producers do their best to supply spare parts of the highest quality, there might  occur unexpected defects occasionally. Our company guarantees that vehicles will be serviced and mechanically repaired both within and after warranty period.
Our experts are also aware that our customers do not need  mere products but they expect to get solutions. Our colleagues make all their efforts according to that principle.
On the website of  Mikroflexum Trade Kft you are offered a lot of useful information about the company.  From now on,  we look forward to welcoming you as one of our satisfied customers.
Mikroflexum Trade Kft
Németh Krisztián Mosonmagyaróvár
Krisztián Németh
(Managing director)