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Ford QuickLane

Distribution of parts

Alkatrészek forgalmazása

Maintenance, repair and implementation is not possible without suitable parts. Our retail store is located in Mosonmagyaróvár attached to the building of our repair shop with wide choice of electrical and engineering parts available for our partners.

  • Parts of generators and starters as well as complete units distributed from stock.
  • Batteries in wide variety of types and size, also for individual use (jump starters,  uninterruptible batteries for electrical trucks, parking machines).
  • Battery chargers, inverters, converters ranging from public to industrial use.
  • Drag-hooks and relating electrical packages.
  • Parts, tools and chemicals for repair of automotive air condition systems  (air-condition compressors, parts of caloric range, pollen filter, air condition oil, decontaminating spray).
  • Distribution of standing and spare heating, and relating spare parts under the names of both Eberspecher and Webasto).
  • Seat heatings
  • Bulbs for electrical systems of 12V and 24V as well as for the most up-to-date xenon- and led- technology lamps.
  • Windscreen wipers – 'To see and to be seen.'
  • Antennas: FM, GSM, GPS
  • Hi-fi products
  • Vehicle safety equipment (electrical, mechanical) and fleet tracking systems
  • Convenience and driver assistance systems as later installable extras (reverse radars, rear view monitors, seat heatings, car multimedia, tempo mats, phone amplifiers, tyre pressure sensors, lane keep assist systems).